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KJ Trauma Consulting, LLC offers solutions to your trauma program in a positive, affordable and professional manner. Our team is well respected and has many years of experience from the most tenured person with over 42 years of experience to our newest member who has over 5 years of experience. We are here to help YOU be successful.


Our expert panel of data managers have dual trauma certification in both CAISS (Certified AIS Specialist) and CSTR (Certified Specialist Trauma Registry) with some having clinical, HIM, Analysis, Research and educator backgrounds


Proficient in commercial trauma registry software including Collector, ImageTrend, NTracs, TraumaBase and TraumaOne.
Electronic Medical Record systems of Allscripts, Cerner, EPIC, Meditech, and McKesson. Microsoft Office Products: Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word and Access


Trauma Data Management
Provide short-term, long-term and ongoing data collection, coding, scoring, reporting and analysis support.
FTE Staffing

Provide full-time equivalent (FTE), certified trauma data professionals to enhance your hospital-based staff. This allows for a different budgeting process, no office space/equipment, no benefits, no loss of man-hours for sick time, meetings, and vacations.

Reviewing for accuracy, quality of source data, logic connections, correct code assignments as well as overall findings report.
Trauma Program Consultation
Provide a team of trauma professionals who will review your current processes and offer recommendations for improvement.
Data Validation Processes
Development of a data validation process proven to be most efficient for your trauma program. Corrections and notations of any discrepancies found will be recorded within the computerized trauma registry.
Children’s Surgical Care Data Management
Assist with the collection and analysis of surgical outcome data as required by the ACS NSQIP Pediatric program.
Data Management
Assessment of current data process including identification of trauma cases, abstraction, entry, reporting, validation.
Data Abstraction
Collection of facility-specific information necessary to complete data needs. For increased efficiency, we recommend adding Data Entry to your contract in addition to Data Abstraction.
Data Analysis
Interpretation of data including frequencies, errors, outliers, collection process, etc.
Data Entry
Keying information obtained during the data abstraction process into a computerized database.
Adhoc Reporting
Generation of computerized data summaries as clearly defined by the Program Director.
Trauma specific education. Including but not limited to ICD-10-CM/ICD-10-PCS; trauma data management; customized conference agendas; web-based training; 1:1 sessions.
Special Projects
If you have a project which needs assistance not currently listed, we will be happy to take this into consideration.
Injury Prevention

Using local data, identify areas of focus for injury prevention initiatives as well as offer helpful and proven resources.

Review Visit Assistance

Pre-review chart preparation and analysis for data completion. This includes a thorough review of medical records for the specified time period, analysis, chart organization and cross-referencing key.

Injury Severity Scoring
Professionally trained and certified individuals will accurately assign severity scores based on official rules and guidelines of AIS.
Trauma Nurse Coordinator

Assess the current program structure and provide insight into areas of day-to-day administration, budgeting, building and maintaining rapport with departments as well as the community.

Trauma Surgeon Consultation
Provide recommendations for building and aligning physician services within the facility that are necessary for a successful trauma program.

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